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This Site last updated 01/08/2004

Learn why mining matters, see examples of good mining and modern methods. Read some reasons Special Interests and environmental groups object to mining and then compare the statements.

We plan to show you all sides of the issues. There have been several good examples of the mining industry reclaiming the lands and returning them to their native state, and in some cases the lands have been contoured in a way that actually makes them more useful to man, animals and the environment. This is will be the place to find documented examples of those projects. One picture is worth a thousand words and photos do not lie; they clearly show that some of the concerns voiced prior to mining were largely unfounded.

Today’s mining industry constantly perseveres in operating in an environmentally responsible manner, protecting wildlife, reclaiming mined land and implementing new technologies to make operations environmentally safe.

Wanted “Pictures of Mining Machines from the past”. I am now working on a new section dedicated to machines from the past . If you have visited or work at a mine, where you took or can take a color photo of an old machine or piece of mining equipment from the past that is on display at a mine and would like to share it others on this website, please send me an email with the picture attached along with your name and I will credit you under the photo by name if you want. If you can, please include a brief description of the machine or equipment and its location. (Include, Make, Model, year build and serial number if possible). Please do not send any photos that are not yours or pictures taken by others, since photos by others may have copyrights on them. If you work for a mine and know that your company is willing to share their photos, please send me the picture and the email address of the individual to contact and I will then contact them for written permission to use their photo/photos with credit to the company under the picture or if the photo has a logo on it I will use the photo as is with the logo. If you want you can have the company email me direct with the photos attached along with a written release for use. Any and all photos used will not be used in a negative or derogatory way. This website is dedicated to promoting mining. Thank you for your help. email: Mining Matters

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