Photos Luscar Mine Canada

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Photos Luscar Mine Canada

Here are some pictures from a recent vacation and tour we took of the Luscar Mine and Shand Power Plant in Estevan Canada.

Above is a Brand new P&H Drag Line Model 9020 that just went into operation late in 1999, There are currently six in operation at this time. The one pictured above was taken at Luscar Coal Mine in Estevan Canada.  

This is the Green House owned and operated by Shand Power Company located next to the Luscar Mine. Some of the trees are used as experiments and used on reclaimed lands after contouring.


Shand Power has two plants located relatively close to one another and  both are equipped with the latest Scrubbers to insure they do their best to eliminate power plant pollution.  See the 9020 at Work. The Estevan Mine is open for tours in the summer. The Shand Power Plant provides a free guided mine and power plant tour that includes some of the worlds largest mining equipment and a state-of-the-art power plant and green house. For assistance in planning your tour, call Estevan Tourism (306) 634-6044.

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